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Should You Spend the Money on Virtual Event Production?

Can you produce your next fundraising event on the cheap? You sure can!

Should you produce your next fundraising event on the cheap? Probably not!

With so many organizations looking at their bottom line when planning for future fundraising activities, an easy line item to cross off of the “we can’t afford that” would be quality production for virtual events.

As someone who has been creating, planning, producing and participating in nonprofit fundraising events for over 15 years…let’s chat.

Some folks will tell you that your fundraising event can look and feel great without spending a ton. This is TOTALLY true…

…IF you have all the recording & camera equipment, studio space, editing software, navigation of streaming service knowledge, script building talent, run-of-show expertise, vast wholistic fundraising approaches & donor relations experience, abundance of time & energy & effort, and a ton of extra employees to assist!

My gut says, that might not be the case.

Don’t let your leadership team, nonprofit influencers or quick Google search put you into a scarcity mindset.

You’re nonprofit badasses. You’re the reason that our community succeeds. You’re the reason that those you serve are better off with you, than without you.

As much as donors appreciate being a good steward of funds to be used for programs and services the nonprofit they support is involved in, be warry of trying to “cheap” your way through fundraising events.

With everyone so “Zoom’d” out these days, the need to creatively engage your dedicated donors and supporters is EXTRA important!

Should you expect to pay exorbitant fees to stream, produce and craft your next event? Probably not.

But should you settle for “whatever we can cobble together to look like we didn’t spend any money on a quality event?”

No. No you definitely shouldn’t.

Keep that abundance mindset rocking! You’ve got this!

Need some help navigating these crazy virtual event waters? We’re a phone call or message away!

- Patrick


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