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Nonprofit of the Day - GiGi's Playhouse, Fargo ND

As a parent, no book really prepares you for what's in store when you hear a heartbeat at a doctor's visit or hold an actual human in your arms for the first time after your child enters the world. But for those parents who carry with them a diagnosis of Down Syndrome for their beautiful baby - the emotions and road map on what to do with it, need much more than a book, an article or a checklist of to-do's. They need a family who understands.

And that, my friends, is what GiGi's Playhouse provides. From programming to mentorship to educational opportunities and a physical place to gather and socialize, this organization is one that was created out of a desire to foster understanding to others and change that mindset of "what do we do now?" to "we freaking got this!" for parents, guardians and kiddos across the Fargo area.

If you're looking for a nonprofit that promotes inclusivity, inspires innovation and creates meaningful opportunities for children and young adults with Down Syndrome, you'll find an amazing home for your support at GiGi's Playhouse.

GiGi’s Playhouse Fargo opened its doors on September 26, 2015. We are North Dakota’s first Down Syndrome Achievement Center. We support local and surrounding area families by offering free educational and therapeutic programs to individuals with Down syndrome from birth to adulthood, their families and the community.

As the 25th national GiGi’s Playhouse to open, Fargo has impacted over 200 families in our community with continued growth. GiGi’s Playhouse makes a difference every day. We empower individuals and families to achieve their greatest potential with confidence, independence and joy. We have a “place”: we will never let location be a barrier to success. We have “programs”: we will never let curriculum be a boundary to achievement. Most importantly, programs are free. We will never let cost deter our families from participation or impede the achievement of our children and adults.


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