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Nonprofit of the Day - North Dakota Veteran's Cemetery Foundation, Mandan ND

There are a LOT of nonprofit organizations that serve our communities, and plenty to choose from when trying to make a positive difference. But when you come across one that is so unique and serves such a deserving group of individuals, it makes you pause and think about how you can be a part of it – and that is specifically the ND Veteran’s Cemetery Foundation.


For those who have served, a place where they can be honored by future generations is critical to keep the memory and stories of their gift of protecting our country, well after they passed away. And the nonprofit that keeps the grounds beautiful, provides burials free of cost to the families of those veterans, and represents the pride we feel for the men and women who put on the uniform across all branches of service is the root value of the ND Veteran’s Cemetery Foundation.


This time of year – when the headstones are decorated with wreathes donated by other organizations honoring these individuals, it is truly an incredible sight. And the public and private partnership that is unique to this entity has earned its reputation as an incredible place to donate to that will ensure it’s beauty for those who served will last for generations to come.



The North Dakota Veteran's Cemetery was established by an act of the 1989 Legislative Assembly. The cemetery was opened in July 1992, and is operated by the Adjutant General of North Dakota. It is located 6.5 miles south of Mandan on Highway 1806 on a 70 acre tract of land in the southwest corner of Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park.

Dedicated to the men and women who have served this State and Nation with unequaled distinction and honor. The State of North Dakota, in tribute to the devotion shown by our veterans in defense of the ideals and values we hold so precious, honors them by providing a location where they may find eternal peace in a setting rich with military history and quiet dignity.



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