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Nonprofit of the Day - Homeward Animal Shelter, Fargo ND

There are very few organizations I know that go above and beyond more than The Homeward Animal Shelter. They are THE standard for rescue and rehoming our furry friends in the Fargo area and is one of the BEST places to give your time, talent and treasure.

Nationally and locally, shelters are experiencing an overwhelming amount surrenders, being inundated with animals from hoarding situations, and figuring out ways to fund emergency medical bills for animals coming into their care. It’s a lot.

The staff and volunteers are some of the most dedicated humans to this incredibly worthy cause. They are amazing. They deserve all of the funding. And they deserve all the praise for this challenging work.

That’s why we’re excited to feature one of our favorite nonprofit organizations and encourage those who align with a shelter who has an incredible history of finding forever homes for animals.

Here’s more information about this awesome organization!


Homeward Animal Shelter is a local and community-funded, non-profit animal shelter. Its mission is: “Rescue. Shelter. Protect. Rehome.”.  It provides a second chance at happiness to lost, abandoned and owner-surrendered animals and educates the community in the proper, loving and kind treatment of animals.  Homeward Animal Shelter is committed to preventing animal overpopulation and spays/neuters all animals 6 months or older before adoption. Since its inception in 1966, Homeward Animal Shelter has placed nearly 41,000 animals in lifelong homes.


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