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Nonprofit of the Day - Fraser, Ltd., Fargo ND

For over 130 years, Fraser, Ltd has been the organization here in Fargo that finds a way to give hope to those who have seemingly lost it. From it’s founding as a home to give comfort to young women who were ostracized from their families due to pregnancy out of wedlock, to currently giving emergency shelter to at risk and homeless youth in our community during the coldest months of the year, Fraser has been a place to go when the community has exhausted the safety net it promised to those who find themselves in difficult situations.


They have been champions of dignity for individuals with developmental disabilities, a place where inclusivity is at the heart of childcare, and one of the leading providers of mental health in our region.


On a personal note? They were the first organization to take a leap of faith and bring Do Good Better on to help them with their fundraising – and they have been a joy to watch grow quickly to fill a need in the Fargo area. They are an incredible organization that deserve support, cheerleading and acknowledgement for thriving and doing good for all that need it.


Here’s more information about this awesome organization!

Fraser, Ltd. is the longest serving non-profit organization in North Dakota. It was established in 1893 as the Florence Crittenton Home for unwed mothers. Since its inception, Fraser, Ltd. continues to meet the needs of children, youth, and adults. Services and resources offered at Fraser, Ltd. have grown significantly to include independent living supports, residential services, and day support services for people with disabilities; childcare services for children who are typically developing and children with special needs; and transitional youth services which provide skill training and basic needs resources for transition age youth (16-26).



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