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Nonprofit of the Day - Community of Care, Casselton ND

The idea of helping our aging population stay in their homes and live as independent of lives as they possibly can - and let them enjoy the dignity of being in a place they know is comfortable, familiar and safe - is one of the greatest gifts we can give our parents and grandparents. But in rural communities, that can be incredibly tough - especially here in North Dakota.

Never fear - Community of Care is here! One of the most compelling and well run organizations I've had the pleasure of working with has one of the best and clear missions: and have been incredibly successful at serving rural Cass Country for 20 years!

The roots of our community run deep in agriculture, especially in communities that are a significant distance from medical care, shopping, grocery stores and activities. Community of Care is the bridge by which our older populations living outside the metro areas can still be connected to all the things that make living independently possible.

Oh, and their services, from transportation to assistance with Medicare Part D enrollment has been FREE since its inception because of donors and supporters like you.

Community of Care exists because of our belief that rural Cass County is a great place to live, no matter what your age.  Our founders, board of directors, volunteers, donors and staff all share in our goal to improve the quality of life for older adults in rural Cass County.  Together, we are changing lives!


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