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A Business Training, but add a bit of Spice!

Who said business trainings had to be so professional to the point that they're boring? Really. I wanna know who put that rule into place?!

Of course, you want to develop content that is beneficial to your audience and have takeaways that they can apply to their everyday work life.

HOOWWEEVVEERRR, this doesn't mean you can't be creative and have some comic relief mixed in there as well.

Need an example? Take a look at what Patrick and Abby did to spice up a FMWF Chamber business training!

With everything being virtual since March (wow. March feels like a lifetime ago!), it's common for people to be burned out from staring at their screens.

But giving them a reason to be engaged and have a good laugh reminds them that virtual doesn't have to equal boring!

So, for your next presentation, think outside of the box. Put yourself into the audience. What would you want to watch? How would you want to be engaged?

There is more you can do than just powerpoints and virtual handouts, think BIGGER! FUNNER! AWESOMER!

You've got this!

- Abby


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