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But wait! There's More!

This week, I got the opportunity to present to our friends at the International Association of Business Communicators - and if you thought that adding Billy Mays quotes and using his words of wisdom made for great content - you'd be 100% right. Speaking has been one of my favorite ways to teach all the tips and tricks of nonprofit fundraising and marketing success to an amazingly diverse and boatload of people across the globe! And it had me a nonprofit leader, are you using your voice to become a thought leader for the programs and services you provide? Well, you should! One of the most asked questions clients ask when we work with them is "How can we get more donors!?" or "How can we get more people to pay attention to what we are doing in the community?" The answer is really quite simple. Tell more people about who you are and what you do! That means, getting up in front of groups of folks to tell your story, talk about your mission and what impact you make. But wait! There's more! The more you speak in front of audiences that might not know what you do, the better you get at "selling" your organization. And the more you engage individuals about your nonprofit, the more they tend to ask how they can help! But wait! There's more! That increase in engagement and questions of how they can get involved usually comes with a gift of time, talent or treasure! But wait! There's more! The amount of donors who hear you and give to your organization, will increase the number of times they recommend others to listen to you, donate to you, and involve your nonprofit in conferences, trainings and gatherings of like-minded action-oriented doers! And all of a sudden you become a thought leader in your space, which exposes your message and impact further than you have the ability to serve now. All by getting up and speaking. So dust off those skills you gained during high school debate club and start asking groups around town if you can speak to the in 2022. Your bottom line will thank you for your refreshed solicitation and elevator pitch skills! Go get 'em! -Patrick


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