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5 Unique Ways Your Nonprofit Can Show Impact

Mission statements are boring.

And more of them are really only useful to boards in order to help them stay focused on how to guide policies and procedures.

They also make for less-than-sexy ways to creatively show the public and supporters what their actual purpose is.

Small nonprofits, with their tiny budgets, often find themselves in a challenging spot to to get their message out, which is why I love to mention how important it is for them to be creative in the way they showcase their unique purpose.

No, you don’t have to get crazy and throw a Carnival-like parade down the middle of the street in rush hour traffic (though, kudos to you if you pull that off!). But rather, thinking a bit differently about how you celebrate your impact and success…above and beyond the usual social posts, emails and phone calls.

Stuck in a non-creative rut and need some help? I got you! Here are 5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Creatively Showcase Your Unique Purpose

1. Host an Immersive Event

We’re not talking underwater, nor are we suggesting you need to hire a local theater company to create a script and act out what you do as an organization in a dramatic One Act play.

However, one way for small nonprofits to showcase their unique purpose is to host an immersive event.

This can be an excellent way to engage with the local community and showcase the nonprofit's mission in an interactive and engaging way. By providing attendees with the opportunity to experience the nonprofit's work firsthand, it can help to create a deeper understanding and appreciation of the organization's impact.

For example, a nonprofit that works to promote environmental conservation could organize an event that includes interactive exhibits that demonstrate the effects of pollution on the environment. The event could include live demonstrations of how to reduce waste, planting trees, and recycling workshops, and even get those in attendance to get their hands dirty (like, literally, in the dirt planting trees) to emphasize the way your nonprofit makes an impact. This can be an effective way to educate the public about the importance of environmental conservation, inspire people to take action, and have an opportunity to sign up for future events!

Building lists. Putting your mission on display in real time. Pretty fantastic and easy to put together!

2. Find Local Artists to Collaborate With

If you follow anything we do here at Do Good Better, you know we’re always championing art and artists, so you know damn well this list was going to include a collaboration with those who can help creatively craft messages to promote your nonprofit!

A wonderful way to showcase your impact, is to commission local or regional artists to create public art installations that showcase the nonprofit's mission and remind the community of the organization's work.

For example, a nonprofit that works to promote literacy could collaborate with a local artist to create a mural that showcases the importance of reading. The mural can be located in a highly visible area, such as a school or community center, and it can be used to promote the nonprofit's mission and inspire people to get involved.

Two quick items here.

A) Pay these artists. If not by you? Find a sponsor. Art is valuable. Art is how artists make money. Pay them.

B) Not sure what to create? Leave it to the artist. They’re the professionals. Be detailed with what you hope to accomplish and let them rock it for you.

3. Ok – Let’s Enhance Your Boring Social Media Stuff

Social media is a powerful tool that small nonprofits can use to share their mission and impact with a wider audience. But usually? It’s horribly boring and because you’re competing with eyeballs from everything else on the internet, vanilla ain’t gonna cut it.

A creative and engaging social media campaign can be used to showcase the nonprofit's unique purpose, share stories of success, and inspire people to get involved.

For example, a nonprofit that works to promote mental health awareness could create a social media campaign that includes personal stories of people who have been helped by the organization. The campaign can include photos, videos, and testimonials from people who have benefited from the nonprofit's work, and it can be used to inspire people to get involved and support the cause.

Emphasis on video. Emphasis on personal stories.

I realize that not all organizations – especially those with very sensitive subjects may not have the ability to get actual testimonies…but that’s ok. Creative license means you can develop talking points that draw from multiple sources to create a narrative that MOST of those you serve have experienced.

It’s why we talk creatively about your posts. And if you need help? Professionals are always there to hire.

4. Sexy Swag as Promos & Profit

Creating branded merchandise is another creative way for small nonprofits to showcase their unique purpose. Branded merchandise not only raises awareness, but it can also help to support the nonprofit's cause by selling all those super clever T-shirts, bracelets, or even coffee mugs too!

For example, a nonprofit that works to promote animal welfare could create branded merchandise that includes photos of animals that have been helped by the organization. The merchandise can be sold online or at events, and it can be used to raise funds for the nonprofit's work while also promoting its mission.

This actually couldn’t be easier right now. Use ChatGPT to create a list of fun sayings that have to do with your mission, upload to an online store, they’ll design it for free, and POOF. Nearly INSTANT storefront for you to promote!

This one is easy peasy gang.

5. Start That Podcast You’ve Always Wanted to Start

We all have dreams about being the next Joe Rogan in podcast popularity, right?

Ok. Well after you do that, come back here and get going on telling your story with simple audio or video to get your message out to the world.

All you need is the time to record the stories you already tell in public or in front of donors and supporters just needs a little amplification…and getting it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts will do the trick.

Seriously, a $65 microphone plugged into your computer is the perfect starting point. Any quick internet search will tell you how to get published after that!

For example, a nonprofit that works to provide support for people with disabilities could create a podcast series that features personal stories of people who have been helped by the organization. The series can include interviews with volunteers and staff who can talk about the organization's mission and vision. It can be used to inspire people to get involved and support the nonprofit's cause.

Boom. Top podcast within weeks. And another medium to share your impact on.

There are countless ways to get creative…and whatever vibes best with you and your nonprofit should be the thing that you double down on.

But the most important thing to remember?

Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. So, go ahead and use that bottled up creativity and showcase that fantastic mission of yours!

You got this!



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