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I’ve been involved in the nonprofit community as a leader and as a fundraisers for nearly 20 years.

And in that time talking with other amazing humans who are doing their best to do good – is that everyone needs a bit of assistance from time to time.

But most of us (myself included) have the hardest time with 3 simple words:

"I. Need. Help."

Well I have some good news. You don’t have to ask – because we’ve brought the help right to you!

It’s filled with 100+ hours of webinars, templates, downloadable worksheets, e-books, weekly NEW guest expert trainings from some of the smartest nonprofit and for profit leaders we know across the United States, community forums to discuss every day issues, and LIVE group coaching sessions EVERY WEEK.

All included.

And that’s just the tip of the content iceberg for those who join.

But why spend 9 months creating this?

It’s because I’ve been in your nonprofit leadership seat. And been mentally where you are.

And I know we can help you raise more, lead better, develop your board more effectively, and give you back time and sanity.

The most jarring conversation I ever had as a nonprofit leader was with a board member who, in front of the entire leadership team, said out loud, that I “clearly wasn’t good at everything.”

We had just wrapped up a fundraising campaign and event, and fell short of our donation goal. Not by enough to critically ruin the organization, but a helluva lot shorter of what I had projected and was confident we would raise.

Whether it was stubbornness, or ego, or a feeling that I needed to prove myself, I took on WAY too much, fell behind on communication to donors and supporters, and just worked on small things to cross off on my to do list, leaving the big important questions unanswered until the last minute.

I dove into logistics that meant very little when it came to fundraising and development. So instead of building lists of potential supporters, I worked on tiny things like what should the table center pieces look like or colors of the staging background.

I spent time perfecting and over thinking emails, notes, phone calls and messages and justified not picking up the phone because my pitch wasn’t perfect. So instead of connecting with individuals who donated in previous years or who had just purchased tickets to our gala, I worked on verbiage for a conversation I’d never have by over-editing and wasting time.

I hid the fact that I wasn’t executing the way I sold it. Because I was overwhelmed. And I the more I tried to work my way out of the spiral of busy work, the deeper the hole I was digging.

Typically the report I would give the board post event and campaign, was a simple 5 minute wrap up presentation, highlighting budget projections going forward, and possible an adjustment in strategy.

Instead, I sat down looking at the eyes of those who had entrusted me with the organization’s mission, and I had over-promised and under-delivered because I was too proud to ask for help.

After the meeting, my CEO asked what went wrong.

And with a deep sigh, and a big helping of humble pie, I simply said, “I need help.”

It changed my professional nonprofit life.

Everyone on the team stepped up, and offered support, advice, and assistance to the big questions I had, and unloaded the burden of carrying the development office myself.

It made me a better leader. And made me a better fundraiser.

And even to this day, I’m reminded by my colleagues, and partners that it’s ok to not take on all the things alone. Hey, asking for help is also a personality challenge that I still struggle with.

This membership site and labor of love really started from trying to create a space where a small nonprofit leader who felt as alone and overwhelmed as I was, could find answers, support and a bit of sanity to all the issues that come up while working at a nonprofit.

And, most importantly, it’s a place where if the answer to a question isn’t there, you have someone like me that will help find it for you.

As someone who has been working in the nonprofit industry, and side by side with nonprofit leaders for almost 2 decades, I’ve learned some things.

First? Nonprofit work isn’t easy.

Second? You’ve probably found yourself dealing with one or more of these three main issues:

1. Nonprofit work is a lonely place

Even with plenty of folks saying you’re making a great impact on the community and helping fill the gaps that our government refuses or is incapable off providing, there is a sense that you’re doing it all by yourself.

Do you find yourself wishing you had a lifeline to another nonprofit leader who can give a bit of advice or could be a soundboard for an idea you have bouncing around in your brain? Do you wish that you felt a little less alone as someone trying their best to do good and make your community a better place?

We’ve created a community of leaders, influencers and professionals who want to see you succeed and are there to help you along the way. Every week we have NEW guest experts who provide training, support and encouragement on topics that range from fundraising to board management. All included. All for you. Because no, you’re not alone.

2. Nonprofit leadership is hard

Running a fortune 500 company is no laughing matter, but to be responsible for programs and services critical to the community feels different. And nonprofit work is all about the feels.

Do you find yourself wondering how to manage all the different personalities on your board? Do you find that volunteer management is difficult? Do you want to encourage and not burn out your staff or co-workers with the amount of work that has to be done?

We have incredible resources for you and your leadership team to get to the root of

3. Nonprofit fundraising is more critical than ever

With grants drying up and businesses making serious decisions over how much money they have to give back to the community, finding those that are aligned with your mission is more crucial than it ever has.

Do you find yourself wondering how to raise more money for your organization to help fund programs, or are you a start up nonprofit that has been grinding for years and just needs a little help on making asks to the right people?

We have countless hours on how to find donors, cultivate relationships, and make the ask – even if you’re nervous, inexperienced, or overwhelmed.

Let us help.

Whatever your big roadblock is, we’ve probably seen it before.

And that’s why I’d love for you to be a member.

Your access to the Do Good Better team, as well as countless leaders who are in your same position and have incredible perspective on how to manage all the crazy that is nonprofit land.

Our community is here for you. We’re here for you.

See you inside!



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