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Bringing Creativity to the table


Patrick is able to help bring your events to life by providing enthusiastic, memorable and creative elements to engage an audience. 

Believe me, he isn't shy in person, and

has substantial amounts of experience in front of a camera allowing them to bring high energy during virtual events!

Patrick is able to present in any type of event style. Whether it be a gala setting, up beat fundraiser, lunch and learns, etc. You name it, he can do it! 


Patrick's mission is to help as many nonprofits, organizations and businesses be more awesome at fundraising, giving back and generally doing good.


And what better way to do that than standing on a stage in front of a crowd?! Patrick says that this is the most fun and amazing way to make a positive difference.


SO - if you (or your business!) are looking for someone who is highly caffeinated and energetic to talk about unique topics and add some kick-ass to your next event, training or conference – we totally know a guy!

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