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Q: How do I make a template so that it can take a template type in one class and the other class' type? I have a question about templates, maybe someone can help me. I am having an array of templates classes, like this: class A { }; template class ATemplate : public A { I have another class that takes a template parameter, like this: template class B { class AA { ATemplate > templateObject; Now, I want to make an array of AA, so that I can initialize my array like this: AA aa[2]; aa[0].templateObject = ATemplate >(); aa[1].templateObject = ATemplate >(); I know this does not work, but I want to make something similar to this. The thing is that I have an other class C, and C is like a abstract class. C takes only one ATemplate, like: class C { ATemplate templateObject; so I want to do the same as with AA, but with this structure. I want to make something like this: aa[0].templateObject = ATemplate(); I want to write a function, like this: void initialize(AA& array, template class C, int size) { ATemplate templateObject(C); for (int i = 0; i class AA { template class C {




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Corel Videostudio 12 Activation Code Keygen

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