Start Messy.

“It’s best to start messy than not at all.”

This quote was shared to me by a dear friend of mine and I haven’t stopped thinking about how powerful those words are.

I’ll put myself on blast here…

You can call me the “Queen of talking herself out of things because she’s afraid of failure.”

Anxiety starts to spike when details start to fall through the cracks or I have this idea but I can’t seem to bring it fruition because I have no idea where to event start.

An easy example of this is writing this blog post. I started with a completely different version than this, deleted it, wrote down random points, then deleted it again.

After the 3rd time, I began to question myself. I knew I loved this quote and wanted to share it, but thought, “why am I struggling so much to put what I want to say in words? Maybe I’ll just keep it to myself.”

It’s been a messy process, but here we are publishing it in the newsletter because even though it was rough draft after rough draft, I started. I knew that eventually I would get there.

As we wrap up 2020 (can I get a hallelujah?!), I want you to take these words with you into 2021.

It may not be writing a blog post, but whatever it is, I encourage you to start even with if it’s with a simple detail.

I’m learning that I don’t have to have the entire plan sketched out to the nth degree!!

If you want to put on your first ever virtual seminar in 2021, but all you have is a title? PERFECT!! That’s a great start. Plus, I know some people who can help you out with creating ideas! *shameless plug*

Had to cancel your event last spring and are wanting to put it on this spring, but all you know is that you want an energetic emcee? Again, GREAT place to start!

Trusting the messy process is half the fun of creating!

So before thinking your ideas are not good enough or when that fear of failure begins to creep in, remember that just starting is the hardest part and look!! You’ve already done that!

2021 is going to be your year, even if it starts a little messy.

- Abby