Outreach is More Than Facebook

Recently we've been getting the question, "how do we get more people to notice and understand what we do?"

While, of course, maintaining a consistency in posting on your social media pages is important, it is not the only outreach you should be doing!

The number one thing you should be focusing on is picking up the phone and calling folks.


Old school engagement is the "new school" engagement.

Now that the election is over (we think) people can start picking up the phone again without worrying that it's another robo call asking for you to please vote for person x this year.

It's as simple as calling your list of donors and thanking them for the gift they gave your organization.

This call will lead them to bring you up in their conversations for the rest of the day starting with, "you won't believe who just called me today," and ending with, "what a great organization!"

Ultimately spreading the word without you having to struggle to find something mildly engaging on Facebook.

As the rapper Travis Scott would say,

"pick up the phone, baby."