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Nonprofit of the Day - Heart & Soul Community Café, Fargo ND

There are few things more frustrating than the idea that we live in the breadbasket of the United States, and our region still has a food scarcity issue for thousands of families in our community. Access to healthy meals at a price that individuals and families can afford is becoming more or a rarity, which is why it is so important that Heart & Soul Community Café exists.


This pay-what-you-can-to-pay-it-forward-because-someone-else-might-not-be-able-to nonprofit concept is one of the most unique and needed organizations in our region. Their creativity involves pop-up-restaurants in lower income neighborhoods, a traveling food truck to reach populations where they are instead of requiring transportation to seek them out, and developing relationships with companies to help cater meals that help provide meals for others.


This holiday season many of us are blessed to not have to think about food scarcity, access to meals, or the availability of snacks for our kids. And we’re blessed to have Heart & Soul Community Café in doing their best to help make this issue a little less daunting.



​Heart-n-Soul Community Cafe, a proud member of One World Everybody Eats, helps neighbors share a meal in order to foster a tight knit Fargo-Moorhead community. All are welcome, no matter their economic status. This way, our neighbors who can’t always afford to visit a restaurant can come in and enjoy a nutritious meal, no questions asked. Those who pay it forward or pay the suggested amount keep our cafe going so that those who are hungry can feel comfortable and welcomed. 


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