3 Words to Avoid Using when it comes to Social Media & Marketing

You wouldn’t think that having certain words in your social posts would create negative engagement, but shockingly enough, it does!

Don’t get me wrong. I still struggle with this every time I post!! It is definitely a skill set that has to build over time, but once you start nixing these words away you’ll realize two things:

1) How natural your posts begin to sound

2) Your followers will accept those Calls to Action (CTA’s) a bit more

Again, put yourself in your audiences shoes. Are your posts worded in a way where someone who is following you will not feel pressured to use your services or programs, but will feel as if they are a good fit and will benefit from them?

So what words am I talking about? Let’s start with…


I will admit that just is one of my top crutch words. Not only in writing, but in real time conversation too.

It’s easy to throw this word in when you’re wanting to put emphasis in your sentence.

For example, we just wrapped up an event and we’re posting a survey for those who attended to take to see how the event went and what changes we can make in the future.

Instead of saying, “This survey will just take 10 minutes of your time…”

What about saying, “This survey is short and sweet. It’ll take less than 10 minutes to fill out!!”

This can also be used when reaching out to potential donors and sponsors!!

If I am writing a message to a potential sponsor and want to have a phone call with them to go over why they should put money towards our event, what sounds better?

“If I could just have 20 minutes of your time….”


“I would like 20 minutes of your time to talk about possible sponsorship opportunities…”

The first option sounds a little desperate.. yeah?

Be confident in what you’re saying. Taking the word “just” out actually gives you more emphasis than you think.

2) Avoid using the phrase, “I feel like”

When writing to your audience, you don’t want to force them or make them feel like (lol) you’re pushing them to feel a certain way.

You want to leave it up to them to decide what to do and what emotions to feel, especially when you’re trying to sell people on your programs and services.

“I feel like you would be a great fit for this program..”


“We have great programs that provide..”

The more conversational, the better!

3) Avoid the saying, “Hurry up!”

While it’s good to have urgency in your marketing strategies, saying phrases like, “Tickets are on sale now!! Hurry up before they’re gone!!” can come off as pushy.

You don’t want people to feel rushed or pushed into purchasing something. Think of yourself reading that. Most of the time our stubbornness will come in and decide for us that we don’t need to do what X says.

Instead, you could say, “Tickets are going fast! Snag one before they’re gone!”

See. Just slightly pushing you through the door instead of shoving you.

I know that it sounds crazy that a few words can make or break your posts, but play around with your verbiage and see what happens!

- Abby