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Fundraising is hard. Finding trainings that are applicable in the real world and figuring out how to use them without unlimited staff and budget is even harder. So we set out to create a nonprofit conference that empowers those of us who fight “other duties as assigned” in order to do the one thing we love: telling stories and building relationships with donors.


For the last three years we have curated one of the most unique fundraising conferences out there, featuring national and internationally known philanthropy experts and nonprofit voices like Joan Garry, Vu Le and Kishshana Palmer.


Not only that, but we hosted regionally renowned music and artistic performances to turn that “typical” learning experience on its head.


But this year we choose to be different…again.


No frills.


No pomp and circumstance.


No filler.


It’s time to get to work

We’re bringing the most unique and most productive nonprofit fundraising conference you’ll experience to date – a live and in-person event where we, together, build a year long fundraising plan.


And we’re taking this on the road! A SIX-city Midwest Tour to bring this information and enthusiasm for fundraising to your backyard.


Whether you want to add to your already created goals, or you have no idea where to start, fundraising expert-author-podcaster Patrick Kirby and a lineup of local and regional nonprofit experts will be working with attendees in real time, curating ideas, building workplans and answering questions on strategies to help you raise money for your organization!


Need to develop your seasons of giving and communications calendar?


Boom. It’s on the agenda!


Need to craft your special event fundraising plans?


Done. Let’s do it!


Need to ideate ways to interact with your supporters that have nothing to do with asking for money but everything to do with solidifying their support towards the end of the year?


Don’t worry! We’ve got you!


This high energy, high capacity building conference will help make your nonprofit a more effective fundraising machine will assist you in dominating your goals.


You’ll leave inspired, exhausted, and exhilarated.


And you’ll leave with a workbook filled with your fundraising plan for the remainder of 2022 – and beyond. From talking points and board-of-director engagement strategies, to your end-of-year-appeal and marketing strategy framework – we’re going to give you the tools for success.


You’ll also leave with:

- A Communications & Marketing Calendar

- Fundraising Planning Documents

- Donor Connection Mapping Worksheets

- Books and materials from best selling authors, and more!


Space is limited to 50 attendees per city – so sign up for updates to be the first to get notified when tickets go on sale!


We’re excited to bring you an event that leaves you a better nonprofit fundraising, board member or executive. And have a helluva lot of fun doing it.


Welcome to the Do Gooders Conference.


A fundraising training with practical advice, tips and tricks you can use the very next day to make organizations philanthropically awesome.

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