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Have you noticed something?


There’s really no great place to learn stuff about fundraising.

Not PhD level stuff. Who needs that kinda nerdy high-falutin’ info when you’re a nonprofit just trying to raise critical funds to make positive impact in your community?

I’m talking the basic: “Where do I even start to organize this chaos of raising money” kinda stuff.

What to write to donors? What to say to them when you get them on the phone? Heck, HOW do I get donors on the phone? When do you send supporters a thank you note? How many times do you ask a donor for money? What sort of event should we plan to make some new friends? What do I ask supporters for? How do avoid peeing your pants in fear when talking with a donor about money?

Basic things like that.

So we set out to create a place for every-day nonprofit workers and accidental fundraisers can answer the basic questions to help move the needle forward for your organization!

Welcome to Do Good YOUniversity. A place to get tangible action-items and help you become a better fundraiser, marketer, story-teller and solicitor! No more trying to figure it out on your own. No more searching the internet endlessly for answers (unless those answers are memes, because we totally encourage that!)

Online Training. Personalized Accountability. Making Fundraising FUN. (Did you know it was supposed to be fun!?)

The Foundational Course at DoGoodYOU is the 5-Day Fundraising Framework. Based on the best-selling book Fundraise Awesomer! A Practical Guide to Staying Sane While Doing Good, this 7-week course uses attainable guideposts that provide you a step-by-step process to organizing your professional work week to get our and build relationships with donors! This signature course contains:

  1. Customized weekly Trainings that include videos, e-workbooks and task lists

  2. Weekly Group Accountability /Mastermind Video Calls

  3. Bonus material that includes exclusive guest trainings and e-books

  4. Closed Alumni Facebook Group – continued support and education

  5. Discounts on Future Courses, Trainings and Events

Want more do-gooding curriculum? We’re just getting started!

Additional courses starting this fall include topics like: Social Media Marketing, Fundraising Appeal Writing, Special Event Creation and Execution and a TON more!


We add guest trainers from a variety of industries and expertise’s to help you become an awesome and well rounded fundraiser!

So what are you waiting for!?

Get started on getting started!


Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of

An at-your-own-pace version of our signature Fundraise Awesomer course! No group meetings, or scheduled calls - just great content on how to build a framework so you can success at building better donor relationships!

Audit 101 Cover DGU.png

No one wants to get caught with their financial pants down around tax & audit season - so we brought in our friends for a FREE training on making sense of your organization's audit process!

Project Management 101.png

All of your ideas and brainstorming on how to raise more money or create new programs for those you serve need a road map - so let's get that process set with this Project Management Workshop for nonprofits!

Blue Dynamic Fitness Youtube Thumbnail.p

Here's a great FREE replay of a  LIVE series of 5 educational presentations from Fundraising to Marketing to Board of Director trainings...all in one easy to navigate at your own pace seminar series! 

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