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Jaw Droppingly Awesome Help for Your Nonprofit Fundraising Team!



Do Good Better is a consulting firm helping to make fundraising easier and awesomer by helping small and medium sized nonprofits build more capacity!

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Your organization is awesome.

But sometimes you want to be even awesomer!

The Official Do Good Better Podcast is here to help!

Patrick gives leaders, nonprofits and businesses a platform to share their stories, their impact and what drives them to keep moving forward during the roughest of times. From fundraising advice to encouraging words, their main mission is to help everyone continue to do great, big things!!


Fundraise Awesomer!


Speaking & Presenting

Patrick is able to help bring your events to life by providing enthusiastic, memorable and creative elements to engage the audience. 

With over 120 speaking events under his belt in just the past 2 years, you’re going to get a well-polished, funny and motivational element to your conference or training!

Patrick is able to present in any type of event style. Whether it be a gala setting, up-beat fundraiser, lunch & learn sessions, even in a virtual setting!  You name it, he can do it! 


Hear From Our Awesome Friends & Clients!

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We exist to support small and medium

nonprofits grow their capacity!

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