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Fundraising is no laughing matter. Unless, of course, you hire us.

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Do Good Better is a consulting firm helping to make fundraising easier and awesomer!


From at-your-own-pace online courses, fundraising group coaching, one-on-one organizational consultancy work, motivational speaking and special event curation assistance, we're here to help you Do Good. Better.


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Are you in need of fundraising help?

 Are you struggling to find time to build better relationships with your donors?

Then the 5 Day Fundraising Framework is for YOU! 

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Your organization is awesome.

But sometimes you want to be even awesomer!

The Official Do Good Better Podcast is here to help!

Patrick gives leaders, nonprofits and businesses a platform to share their stories, their impact and what drives them to keep moving forward during the roughest of times. From fundraising advice to encouraging words, their main mission is to help everyone continue to do great, big things!!


Fundraise Awesomer!


Videos, Blogs and More!

We love to share our insight, but we also love to share others!

The Do Good Better Blog is full of posts from experts in different fields that have the same passion for helping people, businesses and organizations do good better. 

This page also holds different videos we've created, interviews we've been apart of and all things media!

Take a look around!


Hear From Our Awesome Friends & Clients!

“Patrick was phenomenal to work with! His positive energy, intuitive nature and fresh ideas to
fundraising are contagious and inspiring!”
Jill F.
"Patrick had amazing new ideas to bring our event to the next level. Not only that but he does so in a FUN way. We always feel energized and motivated to do better after talking with him and his team!"
Angie H.
“Patrick’s energy ignited passion in our entire Development Team! He has a unique blend of intellect
and compassion, was quick to assess our fundraising trouble spots, and provided guidance in correcting them. Patrick has been able to keep the momentum flowing.”
Sandie L.

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